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Baron Contracting has been a phenomenal partner for Google Fiber. We’ve used them for interior office projects and their ability to accurately scope and deliver a project on time and budget has helped us continue to operate high-quality office environments for our employees.

Jon B.

Baron Contracting has performed several projects for Coca-Cola in the Kansas City area.  They have been a great hands-on partner that puts a high priority on customer service and quality workmanship.

David M.

Baron Contracting did an excellent job on our office build-out and expansion. Completing the work as promised and on time. They were great to work with and very responsive to our questions and last minute change requests. We highly recommend Baron Contracting!

Renee S.

Baron Contracting is the best contracting organization our firm has ever worked with.  They handle every project with the same level of care, no matter how big or small.  Baron has done small tenant finish projects, all the way up to complete buildings for us and leave no details unfinished.  Their team has a meticulous eye for detail, holding their subcontractors to a higher level of standard than other General Contractors.  As a result, Kiewit always gets a quality product at a good price.

Alan L.

Lansing Trade Group’s experience with Baron Contracting has always been excellent. We’ve used their team on a number of projects in our current corporate space over the last 12 years, including a recent 40,000 square foot complete remodel, and they have never disappointed. Baron’s team is cooperative, innovative and, above all else, professional. They pride themselves on providing quality work that is performed both timely and efficiently.  With this most recent project, they performed above and beyond our expectations due to the unique challenges of this full-scale remodel, with all personnel remaining on-site. They overcame all obstacles by providing flexibility in their scheduling, anticipating any problems and quickly communicating those issues along with their proposed solutions or changes to the original scope of work. While I personally hope we are done with remodeling projects for a while, I will not hesitate to call Baron whenever that situation changes!

Curt M.

We had the good fortune of working with Baron Contracting when we relocated our office in 2014. From the start, communication was thorough, schedules were met, and the finished product was as expected. Regular check-ins helped to keep us informed and kept our project on track. The result was a finished product that looked great. The Baron team listens well, respects the wishes of the client, and is quick to respond and answer questions. The entire process could not have gone more smoothly. When we have need of General Contracting work, Baron is our choice.

Rick W.

Baron Contracting was fantastic to work with and delivered our awesome 33k sq ft space on time and on budget.  Will definitely be engaging Baron in the future!

Dave M.

Working with Baron was a great experience. We appreciated the professionalism and attention to detail Baron provided throughout the planning and construction process.

Scott D.

After working with other General Contractors in the past, our expectations going into our future build-out were minimal. Baron Contracting completely changed our thinking about the client/contractor relationship. They became our partners rather than our adversaries. They saw issues before we did and delivered solutions just as quickly. Their professionalism throughout the project and their refusal to accept anything but near perfection from their subs set this company apart from any we have worked with — regardless of the industry.

Greg H.

Our organization has been successful growing through acquisition, which leads to consistent growth in our corporate support center.  Since 2011, we have done six or more expansions and/or remodel projects.  Baron is our “go-to” contractor.  They know our tastes, how we work, our sense of urgency, and attention to detail.  Their project management skills are outstanding, as their leaders are consistently on-site and accessible.  Baron’s dependability, accessibility, and understanding of the things we value make them terrific vendor partners.

Alan S.

Pratt Management has depended on Baron Contracting multiple times to bring our vision to life. They not only delivered as promised but impressed us with their attention to details along the way.

Jim P.

All you can ask for in this industry is delivering on what you promise, Baron said what they were going to do and delivered.

Jeffrey P.